How to Donate

Can you help a little?

Only the value of a Burger .. around $ 10.00

One this...

Or this value ...

Our calculation: Lift 900 donors with $ 10 each

 Our participation:

Valid U.S. visa

I can speak English

My Own Donation $ 2,000.00

You can donate for these ways:

Western Union Order
to Eduardo Baldaci de Lima, don´t forget to send us the MTCN number to

International Money Transfer to
Eduardo Baldaci de Lima
Banco do Brasil - Swift code BRASBRRJIBR
Agency 2128-8
account 15063-0

You Can send money by Mail:
Put the $ 10 bill folded inside a card, preferably registered in order and sent to

Eduardo Baldaci de Lima
Rua 30 Quadra 54 Casa 35
78058-260 – CUIABÁ – MATO GROSSO

Or, you can donate equipaments:

If you have an used equipament in good state of conservation, please feel free to tell me your will to donate.
E-mail me