sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Final push to reach a target

After five months, trying to raise awareness and sensitize peoples and followers to donate a small value for the installation of the first and only astronomical observatory of Mato Grosso. Hundreds of people have decided to follow our campaign, but just only one donor- Mr. Corn from the USA. Our proposal is simple: ask for a small fee of $ 10.00 in a single donation.

People do not donate, which made the task more complicated. Despite this, both companies started to be sponsorship for the telescope and the air passages.
Always understood that the most difficult was the visa. However, it is already in our hands.
Our plan is to make a commemorative plaque, where the name of each donor will be fixed. If you do not believe our target and was waiting for the right time, then you can donate now.

My participation in social networks is focused on specific purposes. Each contact added means that I'll add something in the life of a follower and he in my life.
When we add someone, it is because we trust him. So my conclusion is simple: If you do not believe my proposal, this means that my profile has been added to your wrong. Accordingly, at the end of April I will delete all the contacts that do not respond objectively to this simple request for support.
Read more how you can help:

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